TERASKO/ authorized distributor for Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Albania

Searching for distributors and partners in the Balkan region, the world leader in the field of glazing without vertical profiles, the company TodoCristal from Malaga, Spain, pointed its confidence to "TERASKO”, in their opinion, to the most perspective company with the most knowledge and experience in the installation of aluminum doors&windows in this region. On 26/09/2013. , in Malaga, Spain, it was signed the Agreement on Official Representing of TodoCristal company in the Republic of Serbia by "TERASKO" company. In October 2013th , it was signed a new Contract between the two companies on Representing the market in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Albania, although the plan is to expand cooperation.

Due to the specifics of production and necessary precision in producing of Spanish sliding folding systems, all products for the Serbian market, are produced at the parent factory in Malaga, Spain, and the installation of the same ones are done by TERASKO. It is planned during the next year, the production be transferred to Serbia.

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